Casual Friday 01

To some of you, "Casual Friday" may conjure images of one particularly campy season-five scene at Dunder Mifflin (da****, Meredith!).  (I’ll spare the rest of the scene in the unfortunate event you haven’t seen The Office –in which case, quit reading now and go do that instead.) To others, today is simply “praise Jesus, it’s jeans-and-go … Continue reading Casual Friday 01

Jumpsuits, Pineapples, Pineapple Jumpsuits

Cotton jumpsuits were made for sunny days. They're the "I'm basically wearing pajamas all day" easy vibe you get with dresses -only better by not having to worry about crossing your legs like a lady any particular which way. The pinnacle of fashionable comfort. Jumpsuit | H&M (Sold out online, apparently. Still in-store, I swear.) Sunnies | Tory Burch … Continue reading Jumpsuits, Pineapples, Pineapple Jumpsuits