Antler Jewelry Tree

I enjoy target practice as much as the next red-blooded Texas girl, but the thought of actually personally hunting freaks me out down to my potentially-closet-Yankee bones. So understand I have no earthly idea, then, what compelled me to become nothing short of obsessed with real antler jewelry trees last summer. I guess my general hate of knock-offs extends … Continue reading Antler Jewelry Tree

Autumn Indulgences: my 4 c’s

“I love fall.” –The thread uniting basic white girls across America the moment temperatures dip just low enough to bust out a blanket scarf and snap a story sipping pumpkin spiced anything logo'd with the green mermaid stamp of approval . Truth: I am not immune to this sentiment. There’s a reason it’s so wildly and mockably popular! Fall is terrific. To me, it’s … Continue reading Autumn Indulgences: my 4 c’s

New-Wife, New-Home Instant Gratification Syndrome: Fall Edition!

(Pre-Lit Monogram Pumpkins from Kirkland's. I told you, I'm all about the K's these days. You know, in case someone forgets my last name starts with K now, I have to put it everywhere.) October air has a spectacularly unique crispness and zeal. Temperatures dip just enough to prompt sweater-wearing, scarves, leather boots, and hot coffee. Everything from the colors of … Continue reading New-Wife, New-Home Instant Gratification Syndrome: Fall Edition!

Advice on packing up and moving big

Wherever there is a chore, therein lies a service providing, money making opportunity –or conversely, a chance to save money doing it yourself. Plumbing, painting, cooking, cutting grass, hanging Christmas lights –the list goes on. People who hire out their shopping, well, I don’t understand those people (but would love to meet them –who's hiring?) Right … Continue reading Advice on packing up and moving big