Half-Up Robin’s Nest: weekend hair

I know the ol’ Pinterest adage is something like “messy hair don’t care (peace emoji)”, but allow me to be slightly transparent. Realize, I’m never not gonna care just a little bit. And out of this vain inability to never not care comes the Half Up Robin’s Nest.


The preamble to my “tutorial”, and therefore this blog post, is that I ask you kindly to not make this your Monday Morning Office Go-To Hair. Like, actually do your hair for work. Alternatively, learn a sleek & quick pony or more polished half-up style for the office if you’re short on time. This is your “Target run, coffee shop, livin’ life while not punching the clock” hair. At least that’s what it is to me, on occasion.


After & Before
Like I’ll mention if you dare to venture on into my highly-profesh, top shelf video, I tend to use the cheap hair products for something like this. Having yet to find a money tree, I don’t waste the good stuff on a Target run.
This is, however, probably my favorite drugstore dry shampoo, even attempting a really good hair day: Dove Refresh + Care Volume. Everyone’s hair takes to product differently, but this is my little $3.99 mask-my-nasty-hair aerosol can of wonder. PSA of the day.
Honorable Mention PSA Products used in video:


And here you go. Enjoy 8 minutes of high studio glamour and wonder why I’m not in television. (Ha, hahaha. Please sense the sarcasm dripping from this sentiment.)

HA! What a beautiful frame. You are so dearly welcome.


Happy Weekend!


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