Comfy Leather Legging Look 

I cautiously dipped my rebel toe into the leather legging trend a couple Falls ago with a front-panel-leather, back-panel-ponte situation just to feel it out (and like commit but not commit), and I determined it required infinitely fewer cool points to pull off than I had anticipated. (Ever adventurous, I am.)

So, this year, I took the full Rebel-Sandy dive with Cat Woman expectations resembling the eloquence of a Ross Geller reality, probably, but the verdict’s in and I love these things.

I feel tres chic and muy trendy + kind of like I’m wearing pajamas because at the end of the day they’re leggings. And didn’t Ross Geller teach us all that comfort + functionality is of supreme importance, after all? Ponte lining let’s you hold the baby powder, and if you aren’t tracking with this reference, stop reading right now because it’s more important that you swap over to Netflix instead. (Friends, S5EP11. Good for laughs. You’re welcome.)

Ultimately, this is the short story of a girl experiencing the fitting room magic of finding the perfect pant and inexplicably leaving them behind, having the opposite of buyer’s remorse, going back to purchase only to find -DUN DUN- her size sold out.

And rejoicing and purchasing without batting a mascaraed eyelash the moment they restocked.

The End. (Ever the storyteller, I also am.)

Every girl and her mother and her dog and cousin and her style assistant and her hair dresser own either the Spanx or the Commando high-waist, hold-ya-in and look awesome leather legging this year, it seems. And color me influenced – I’ve been unabashedly green with envy. My front panel pants weren’t cutting it anymore, and to be honest, were maybe an inch to short in the inseam all along anyway or maybe I shrunk them. I needed a back panel. I needed a longer inseam. I needed to be held-in-and-looking-awesome in 2017. But not for $100. 

Enter Loft. Almost always. 

Affordable with a flash sale which is bound to happen always (like today!) + far exceeding the quality of poorer budget-options I had given a go (here’s lookin’ at you, BP at Nordstrom, tsk tsk), these have quenched my thirst for cool, so I had to share because they’re half off right now. 

Plus! Contrary to popular beliefs, leather pants don’t have to be party pants. Dressed down with some mules and a tunic, totally daytime. (Praise-Hand-Emojis-Forever)



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