Meet Kendrick 

“Let’s take our calm, sweet puppy into this random meadow for some photos while he’s still tiny!” AK and I thought on day 7 of our newfound pet-parenthood.


Immediately after being released onto the damp grass, however, Kendrick Lamar Karber became a wet bullet of fur streaking around our feet, circling the field, and back again in a burst of manic energy we had never seen the little guy exert before.
Why we chose the wettest day in February?


Sheer naivety, Pet-Parents. Sheer naivety.


In our defense… We had grown quite accustom to hours of lap naps, lazy tug-of-war games where *we* did the pulling and he did the clamping-onto-the-end-of-the-rope-with-tiny-teeth and starring at us, and a general abundance of mellow puppy snuggles during waking hours -so it was nothing short of shocking to see our puppy be a puppy. 


Equally assuring, though, that he wasn’t broken.


But we knew he wasn’t! He’s just becoming fully-puppy the more comfortable he is around his new home, but full-Kenny: affectionate, people-loving, and mellow in the very best way that makes him a top-shelf apartment puppy, and perfect addition to our little Karber family.



And smart. I thought it would be, like, harder having a puppy? He’s taken to potty & crate training like his human-mommy to shoe shopping and it has been quite a surprisingly easy affair.


The #1 debate we have with everyone is Kendrick’s breed.



We know Mom was Shih Tzu/Yorkie, and Dad was Chihuahua/Question Mark. Coined by my father-in-law: he’s shi-yorkuahhua.


To me, he just looks like a dog: a precious, breed ambiguous, tiny dog.

Like if you walked into an elementary school classroom and said “everybody draw a dog now!”I think 90% of the drawings would look something like Kendrick. Big eyes, four legs, floppy ears, and a happy wagging tail.

Good parents we are trying to be, Kendrick’s big day was followed up with a “it’s good for you, trust us” traumatic experience:

After which the cold shoulder was given for a ten-minute eternity. He really showed us.

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