High Five for Friday 03

Or should I say, High Five for Getting Back On the Blogging Wagon (more accurately blogging-publishing wagon because don’t think for half a happy minute my iPhone Notes don’t runnith-over with potential content, always.)

The concept of H54F is “Five Highlights of the Week”, but since I haven’t been active on the blogging ball, let’s stretch the definition to include “Five Whatever I Want To Talk About Today That’s Happened Lately” just this once.

1. Perfectly ordinary Sundays with brunch & movie dates, evening church services, and spending regular time with AK have become my favorite days on the whole planet. Our schedules are so flipped + packed, I cherish the together-time, and usually commemorate them with sappy Grams.
I get a lot of questions about that nail polish. I rotate it year-round as a serious go-to when I’m feeling particularly indecisive.
They are almost identical shades, with Chinchilly being ever-so-slightly-lighter. Perfect if you have undying allegiance to either brand, and fancy a greige with the *tiniest essence* of purple.
2. Considering myself something of a 19 Crimes Enthusiast for a hot minute, I tried their newest dark red blend a couple weeks ago and man oh man if you’re looking for a $10 Friday Night Investment, you’re welcome.
Addendum 1: That is, if you’re a fan of bold reds. It’s a gorgeous opaque, deep red-almost-black-color, fairly fruit-forward, and smooth in a way my palate adamantly approves.
Addendum 2: I’m less of a wine connoisseur, more of a just a girl who really likes wine. Take my advice with a grain of salty dark chocolate.
3. I cooked salmon for the first time in my life on Monday, and if that isn’t an exciting update for you, I don’t know what you want from me.
Except maybe, also, a photo.
By cook, I mean I bought the pre-seasoned pieces of fish from the deli of Central Market, moved them onto a cooking sheet, and baked them for 20 minutes. Served alongside Ready Rice +asparagus I tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic salt then roasted for 20, and voila… color me a dang 5-Star Gourmet Chef. *bows*
4. The Super Bowl.
It happened Sunday.
There was a winner, but I don’t really wanna talk about that.(Forever Skeptical, Forever Salty).
But! I will talk about snacks and commercials and the best Halftime Show that’s happened in a while, if you want! You go, Gaga, you go.
Pictured: Cream Cheese + Raspberry Chipotle Sauce + Ritz Chips and Oreo Truffles to satisfy an unhealthy urge I’ve had lately to do work on family-pack of double-stuff’s single-handedly. Letting myself eat a few of these felt like a healthier compromise.
5. Brunch with some great pals at Bolsa in Oak Cliff perfectly punctuated last week, leaving AK and I rearing do it again real soon. Fantastic locally roasted coffee from Ascension Coffee, some seriously off-the-chain Chilaquiles, or Shrimp & Eggs (my plate below) come highly recommended out of the Karber house.
And instead of, you know, capturing a great moment with friends, we snagged this selfie instead.
Alas, a paparazzi fail on my part.
Cheers, my friend, as I’m sure you are, too, counting down to the weekend.

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