Jarod + Tiffany Engagement Shoot

If you’re one of those “can’t stand to see two people head-over-heels shooting tangible beams of love from their eye sockets” type of cynics, turn away. Turn away fast.

Austin and I have been slowly creeping back into the game of photoshoots with people who aren’t myself or tubes of lipstick. (Worry not, those shoots are still on the books aplenty as I’m entering a season where I *think* more Sprinkles will start flowing around here again. Albeit, probably still not Daily. Ha. )

From behind the camera, this photoshoot gave me the energy of three-hundred marathon runners because for one –I’ve never seen my sister at this level of pure elation maybe ever ever in the 23 years we’ve been personally acquainted and it simply warmed my heart like caffeine, and for two –having the privilege to photograph two people so naturally in love with one another in such a fun city reminded me why I really dig this job/amateur profession/hobby I’ve had hung up for a while. However chilly and breezy the great City of Austin, Texas was to us.

(I considered interjecting with an especially cheesy quip about how *their love warmed us all through the bitter wind* but that would be plain false –it was very cold, actually– and also that’d be gross. I’ll save an especially sappy flowing fountain of cheese for the wedding day, probably.)

Because these two.

Let me tell you. Better yet, show you via a sample of shots I’m particularly fond of. It helps that Jarod and Tiffany (Rapunzel for short) look completely amazing together. That always simplifies our job.

I can’t be more excited they found each other, and I’m selfishly excited Austin and I are getting a brother in law we are totally jazzed about. He already feels like one of the clan.

Even if he’s a TU guy -we knew perfect was a long shot, so we’ll take it.

T+J Engagement Photos-4T+J Engagement Photos-6T+J Engagement Photos-9T+J Engagement Photos-17T+J Engagement Photos-13



2 thoughts on “Jarod + Tiffany Engagement Shoot

  1. Amanda Cutts says:

    Robin this was a beautiful post and inspirational!!! Wonderful work and wonderful news!!!! Tell Tiffany I said congratulations and they are a very beautiful and happy couple!!!!! Warms my heart dearly and you two are such beautiful souls! Remain blessed and continue to write!!

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