Palette Giveaway! (Merry Christmas from Whole Foods Market)

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The first time middle-school-Robin attempted liquid eye liner, my eyelids swelled to levels of puffy not even sitting through a double feature of The Notebook and Titanic  with a box of Kleenex while being visited by Mother Nature for the month could ever make them replicate. I developed a healthy skepticism that day for cheap makeup brands I don’t recognize.

I was recently cautiously thrilled upon being gifted these fun little eye shadow palettes from Mineral Fusion courtesy of Whole Foods Market to giveaway to five followers of Daily Sprinkles -and maybe just a tish skeptical as I usually am with brands that don’t cost a fortune that I’m also not familiar with.


My trips to Whole Foods are not few nor far between, yet they rarely land me in the beauty section. I’ve never been opposed, it honestly just never crosses my mind regularly while wandering the foodie’s grand toy store. My skepticism, now proven completely unfounded, was eased upon further research into the brand, Mineral Fusion, before I began playing with it. These guys are solid.

In the interest of being true to *never ever* recommend something I wouldn’t use, or getting you to spend what could be good wine allowance on an unworthy product, I played around with the palette I was gifted before sharing the goods. And next time I visit Whole Foods, my basket will probably be tucked full of more than a bottle of red and an organic frozen pizza, because this little trial opened up a whole wide world of affordable beauty products I’d never given a second thought, and realize now I probably should given the safe, natural nature of their ingredients (coupled with the fact I actually really liked this eyeshadow.)



The color payoff is surprisingly excellent (meaning you don’t have to swipe your brush twenty times for pigmentation), and the formula is highly blendable without blending out to nothing on the eyelid. The colors are nice, warm neutral tones I’m naturally used to working with, too.


Honestly, I was prepared to dump the brush straight in the trash before even unpackaging the product, but ended up surprisingly fond of it with the palette. (Which is a first. A literal first in dealing with drugstore/grocery store makeup.) I couldn’t count for you the number of bad names I’ve called the little plasticy, useless tuft of bristles or sponges that accompany most lower-end eyeshadow quads or blushes before tossing them. (Which is an exaggeration. I could count them, on one hand probably, and the words could still likely be used in most Disney films. Still mostly useless garbage that I never keep,  though.) But this dual-ended brush lived through the Robin Standards test to see another application.

Palette Verdict: worth it. With the brush and concise, but creative range of wearable shades, I see this being a great space-saving weekend travel palette I will definitely have on rotation that I am more than happy to recommend you friends if you’re in the market for such a thing. (Milani, on the other hand, I will never endorse you or your cheap makeup voodoo. Just because the swelling subsided, there are emotional wounds and a grudge 10 years deep not going anywhere anytime soon.)

The point that may have caught your attention: I have 5 to giveaway! FIVE. Five loyal (or maybe not so loyal! Or maybe new!) readers have the opportunity to make one of these little pretties your very own, which are completely exclusive to Whole Foods Market stores. (And this blog giveaway this week.)

HOW? TWO THINGS! Two easy things. You must do both, or I’m tossing your name in the garbage with the rest of my tiny, cheap drugstore spongy brushes.

  1. Comment below (or with the talking bubble near the title) ON the post, ON this blog! Tell me: what you would do with the palette if you won? Which shades would you be most excited about trying? Have you tried Mineral Fusion before, and if so what should I try next? Any of those things, or anything else! Be sure and include the important information in step #2 below, so keep reading.
  2. Share this giveaway on your social media platform of choice! At least one, or all 3 (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) if you really want to up your odds of winning. For each platform it is shared on, you gain an entry, up to 4 entries including the one you will gain from commenting on the blog. In your blog comment below, please tell me which platforms you shared on so I can go take a looksee for myself.

Deets: I will alert the winners via social media, and post about it around the ol’ blog. Keep an eye out. Entries will be accepted 12/21/15 -12/23/15 11:59pm CST, and selected on 12/24/15. Kind of like that one gift you get to open before Christmas.

Good luck, best wishes, and may the odds be ever in your favor. *cue Hunger Games jingle* (I’m such a fraud, I only ever saw the first movie, but I think it’s still hip to say that. I could be wrong. Tell me in a comment.)

14 thoughts on “Palette Giveaway! (Merry Christmas from Whole Foods Market)

  1. Jennifer Clark says:

    Ooh la la! Super excited to maybe win and try out the palette! Some of those darker shades look promising for my olive-y skin. 🙂 Going to share on FB, Twitter, and Instagram! Merry Christmas, Robin! We miss y’all!

  2. Meredith says:

    As a fellow product junkie, I’d love to give this new-to-me brand a try! Did you notice if they offer any cool toned palettes?

  3. mistyfuji says:

    I’d love to try these colors because I don’t have a palette like this! So pretty. No, haven’t tried Mineral Fusion, but love the earth tones the best.

  4. lifewithlilred says:

    I shared your page on my FB! I’ve never tried Mineral Fusion before but I would love to experiment with different smokey eye color combinations – especially with that mauve color that’s included! happy holidays!

  5. Katelyn Garrity says:

    First, if you haven’t read the Hunger Game books put it on your New Year’s Resolution. It’s a great dystopian read, even if it is marketed at acne covered teenagers.

    Second, I love the mauve looking cover towards the end of the palette. I also love that you said it blends well. I’ve never even been in a Whole Foods, so this would definitely be a first for this brand.

    Finally, I will be sharing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  6. Kamy Stewart says:

    This palette looks so adorable and I’d definitely use it everyday! I like that peachy pink color, something different I don’t have in my collection. I shared this on Facebook and Instagram 😊

  7. Kambri smith says:

    I am a sucker for skin friendly products and I know I’d just be darling at giving this palette a special place in my make-up bag. This palette seems to be very versatile in either dolling your peepers up for a night out or simply running errands. Win or lose I am going to check this product out! 🙂 thank you for the opportunity to try a new, potentially favorite, eyewear. As always, I loved the content of your post. I would love to see a review on just about anything, your information is always handy.
    Loads of love,

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