High Five for Friday [02]

More accurately, “high-five for finding five minutes to catch my breath and start living life instead of life living me + thank you to everyone who prayed for that to happen you da real MVP’s I love you” –but that title didn’t test well with focus groups.

God has blessed Austin and I beyond our craziest daydreams. Reflecting a ton on this has left me in a state of pure awe the past several sleeps -even with brutal or bitter blessings that don’t generally warrant a filtered #blessed on the ole insta-feed (which sometimes take wading through before seeing the sanctifying, bigger-picture purposes). This season has been one handy reminder that God is smarter than me, and makes a much more qualified director of my life every. single. time. I don’t envy His job in wrangling this stubborn soul, but am so grateful for His love.

There is no irony lost that I’m sharing personal revelations of my Father’s love and guidance, followed by several totally superfluous sprinkles of things that bring me total superficial happiness. The juxtaposition may seem silly, but if you’ll recall, I’m all about recognizing the little things + big things He’s given us to make life sweet. That’s kind of this whole blog.

ONE. You guys. It’s Red Cup season, which means so much more than a sure stream of Peppermint White Mochas for the next two months. I won’t put up our tree purely on principle (YET!), but I’m secretly not not happy to see city sidewalks, busy sidewalks (already) dressed in holiday style.

*dancing lady emoji*  *Christmas tree emoji* *praise hands emoji*

TWO. Technically this happened last week, but I’m still high-fivin’ for it over here, and since I write the rules in these parts I’ll share anyway. I gave my long-to-me locks a healthy 6(ish)” chop because I couldn’t stand it anymore, got some interesting texture/blending/layering/why-do-these-pieces-lay-like-that previous haircut woes resolved, and just maybe found my new Dallas hairdresser. Just maybe. Plus, I guess I’m all trendy now with my Lob, which I’ll call Robin Hair Circa 2007-2010, except now I sort of have a handle on using styling products.(Where were you in high school, YouTube?)

THREE. We had the privilege of filling a rare gap in the Karber calendar with the precious company of these adorable lovebirds + an absolutely incredible meal one night this week. Bonus: I learned how to eat a wedge salad. Laughs and hearty conversations with friends are better for the soul than chicken soup, I do believe.

FOUR. Mani/Pedi. Ladies, is there anything better? I mean, is there really? Having completely taken this luxury for granted for a good long stretch in my “past life”, I enjoyed the heck out of it. (Except when they scrubbed away the rough evidence that I tend to run around barefoot while I restrained tortured laughter and tried to not kick my nail-tech in the dang face -a process that is surely not fun for anyone involved.)

In true Robin fashion, I chose the most boring color on the counter, which happened to perfectly match the interior of my boring, beloved vehicle. And I’m a total fan.

FIVE. *drumroll* I started a new job this week, (and here I’ll insert all of the praise hands emojis possible).

It’s a marketing and communications manager gig in Healthcare -a completely new/scary challenge I’m incredibly excited to tackle. Save my 7-month hiatus into the world of one hip advertising agency, I’ve done work in credit unions since I was 18. Confession: that’s probably because I don’t like not being the expert in the room, and breaking into a new industry, I’m finding peace and unexpected excitement in the fact that I won’t be (for awhile, at least.)

So, here’s to embracing the learning curve, breaking through the new kid ice again, and celebrating life’s most welcomed changes and challenges.

(PS: and to First Day of School-esque photos because document everything. PPS: and to Buff Pride in the office on the first day.)

3 thoughts on “High Five for Friday [02]

  1. Ashley says:

    Visiting from the H54F link up! Congratulations on your new job! It sounds as though it will be an adventure. I really love that nail colour. It is lovely. Have a great week!

  2. Ashley says:

    Visiting from H54F. Congratulations on the new job! It sounds like it will be an adventure. I really like that nail colour. It is lovely! Have a great week!

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