Easy DIY (delicious) Iced Coffee

DIY Iced Coffee

Confession: I’m not much of an iced coffee person. I’m the freak this time of year the barista politely confirms through the speaker, “You want that iced? Oh, no..? Hot?” Then again at the window, “Non-ice?”

Non-ice. How the coffee gods intended coffee.

I’m not speaking in absolutes -I’ve fancied a few iced lattes in my day– but 93% of the time, steaming. So, what gives now?

Dallas, TX -that’s what.

I am a w-i-m-p in the heat. I would just as soon swap with the geese and migrate north for the summer.

This all day, every day Texas heat plus humidity is not something this Panhandle Desert girl has ever known or loved for an extended period of time. Deep-South-Texan friends: I understand right now you’re scoffing at this Dallasonian with “humidity probs,” but understand that we will -God willing- never be neighbors. I will visit you with a happy heart and enjoy your city and your company, and then we will part ways and share a high-five because I am not about that hot-humid-hug life. Ick. 

Wimp status established, understand this climate has affected my caffeine consumption. AKA… sweltering mid-mornings and piping hot cups of joe aren’t the most compatible for me and my first-world-problems.

DIY Iced Coffee

I put a puh-er-fectly sane person’s amount of healthy research into this subject because hi I’m Robin, and realized making the magic in my own kitchen is not as complicated as I once thought.

I had run into all kinds of really wonderful looking concoctions in the past that require cheesecloth and 8+ hours of steeping and coordination and hi again, still Robin here and they didn’t seem easy (lazy) enough for my current lifestyle.

But with a quick Pinterest search I found all kinds of lovely people simply brewing up a pot, pouring in some condensed milk, and calling it a happy day. I took their lead instead.

How you take your coffee is such a you decision, I don’t even encourage you to replicate this “recipe” 100%. Use its bones and find what makes you happy. I do recommend -because of the condensed milk- you start with a *fairly strong* pot of coffee as your base. If you usually brew something more water than coffee, I foresee a jug of something more watery than creamy in your refrigerator’s future. And this way is oh so creamy and wonderful.

Ingredients (all measurements approximate):

  • 6-7 tablespoons fresh coffee grounds
  • 5 cups (40 oz) cool water
  • 1 can sweet condensed milk
  • Bailey’s Original Irish Coffee Creamer (or coffee cream flavor of choice), optional

1.  I boiled about 5 cups (40 oz) of coffee in a standard coffee maker. We drink Starbucks whole-bean Medium House roast on the regular, which we grind at home and brew following pretty closely to package directions. (Very strong -B T double U- oh ye of weak coffee hearts)

DIY Iced Coffee

2. I then transferred the coffee to my large measuring bowl (is that what this thing’s called? Anyone know?) to cool a bit before moving forward. I chose this container because of its easy-pour design. (You could even use the coffee pot if you didn’t brew it to the brim, or the pitcher/container you plan to serve it from.)

DIY Iced CoffeeDIY Iced Coffee

3. Because I wanted the coffee flavor to still come through strong, I added approximately 1/2 – 3/4 can of sweet condensed milk, and stirred until thoroughly combined. If you’re more of a “splash of coffee with your cup of cream” sort of person and want to make it creamier, add the full can. This is where you play with the consistency to fit your tastes.

DIY Iced Coffee

4. I then added about 1/4 cup of our favorite Bailey’s (no-alcoholic) Coffee Creamer, for a hint of Irish flavor (minus the fun.) Yet another way to tailor. I plan on trying all kinds of creamer flavors, such as vanilla or caramel. Or that ultra sweet Girl Scout Thin Mint creamermmm. 

DIY Iced Coffee

5. Finally, I poured it all into a glass container with a seal, and chilled it in the fridge for about half an hour, and served over ice. Just delicious. 

DIY Iced Coffee

Austin is completely obsessed. I’m going to have to start making larger batches if I ever hope to have any on hand in the house.

The final product reminds me a lot of the coffee-flavored Starbucks Frappuccino drinks, and I’m a fan, too.

DIY Iced Coffee

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