Summer Lips: Model Co. Party Proof Brights

Party Proof Summer Lipstick-6 copy

The Robin Karber Comfort Zone is wallpapered creamy neutrals and delicate pastels, complete with pops of deeper neutrals and daintier pastels. With grey curtains. And a beige rug.

I’m not typically a brights kind of girl, which is unsurprisingly characteristic of 98% of my makeup stash, too.

What then –I know you’re burning to ask- compelled me to snag this lipstick trio featuring Peony, Red Velvet, and Disco Fever? Maybe delirium in the South Texas heat. Maybe the silent peer pressure of every bold-lipped beauty in my Pinterest feed. Just maybe I’m finally heeding advice to wear more color on my lips (and everywhere else in my greige on white life.)

Party Proof Summer Lipstick-4

I just thought they’re pretty, and would be nice to have on hand for all 5 summer days I feel like lookin’ a little fierce.

I tend to lean toward softer lip butters on the daily (like these or this favorite) that tint more than paint on color, if that makes sense -the more “no fuss” lip route. These lipsticks aren’t no fuss -there is definitely fuss involved to the tune of prepping, priming, and holding my breathe so fierce doesn’t cross the line into clown-like.

Finding lipstick, as I’ve mentioned before, is a whole heck of a lot like jeans shopping: sometimes you have to clock a lot of dressing room hours to find the one. Shooting in the dark and ordering without trying is a seriously ill-advised risk, but magically I feel like it worked in my favor this time, as I kept the pack. Do as I say, not as I whatever. Or follow your heart and forget what I say.

The best thing about something like a bright pink or coral summer lip is how feminine yet modern they make me feel at the same time. There’s something about lipstick that instantly spikes my confidence meter ten points.


Peony. Since ordering this set at the beginning of the summer, I’ve been pretty partial to Peony. It’s an easy shade to adjust boldness. If I dab just a touch and rub into my lips, it’s much softer and easier for me to sport on days I may not paint on a full face.

Party Proof Summer Lipstick Peony

Party Proof Summer Lipstick-12
Disco Fever. Ah, Disco Fever. Is it orange? Is it coral? Is it sort of a little peach? Coral is the most dubious of shades, the line is so thin -I think it depends on the light. It paired really well with this electric peach China Glaze polish I was donning last month, which was incidentally the exact same shade as my coral Kendra earrings.

Party Proof Summer Lipstick-7

Party Proof Summer Lipstick-8

Red Velvet.  This shade is absolutely the most “party proof” of the set. I haven’t tested it without, but with primer its staying power is pretty impressive. Like, eat-drink-and-be-merry and your lips don’t budge impressive. Transfer definitely occurs, but my lips stayed poppin’. This color is solid.

Party Proof Summer Lipstick-9

Party Proof Summer Lipstick - Red Velvet

I will say, these are supposed to me matte, and if you can tell from the photos they apply with a definite gloss to the finish.

I found this strange until wearing them around, and it seems the gloss part of the lipstick does transfer and fade, leaving a stained, perfectly matte finish within an hour or two.

Party Proof Summer Lipstick-13

In case you had even an inkling of a doubt, Model Co. doesn’t have a clue who the heck I am, and this was not a sponsored post. Just a girl playing with lipstick and sharing a few of the shades I’m sporting these summer months.

What’s your favorite summer lip shade? Or which of these would you most likely find yourself reaching for on the daily? Comment below or with the talking bubble near the title!

Party Proof Summer Lipstick- Red Velvet

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