Upcycling Capri Blue Candle Jars


If I could only burn one candle in our home from now until eternity, it would be Capri Blue’s Volcano.

This is not new news

The new news is I’ve finally decided what to do with the sad, empty candle jars I’ve been hoarding -because throw them out? Never. Since we can agree to agree that everything Capri Blue is the absolute bomb, you already understand why not -but I’ll defend myself anyway.

They’re just pretty, and good quality, and a great versatile size for upcycling ten million unique ways. For the sake of not making you read all ten million, here are three.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. While I guess it would be perfectly legal to leave the wax residue in the bottom of the jars… let’s not.

Step 1: Clean out the jar.

Put the jar in the freezer. I left mine overnight, but an hour or two I’m sure would work perfectly. You just want the wax to freeze or get really, really cold. After pulling it out, I took a butter knife and gently stabbed the wax, which frozen caused the wax to crack in large sections that were easy to pull out in less than thirty seconds per candle (easy breezy.)

In the interest of lazy I then threw mine in the dishwasher, although unless you plan on like, eating cereal out of yours (weird) a good rinse with hot water should make them clean enough. Just make sure to a) not get wax in your sink drain or b) pour boiling hot water into a freezing cold glass jar. The first would make your husband very unhappy, and the second would make your then shattered candle jar very unhappy. (I did neither thankyouverymuch –just practicing my fortune-telling.)

Step 2: Do something cute with the jar that makes you very, very happy.

Something like…

1. The most obvious option -duh- put something in it

Capri Blue Candle Upcycle

If there’s a collection of items you reach for on the daily -pens, makeup brushes, q-tips, paper clips, hair pins, whatever– this is an easy, basically free way to make the storage situation a little more adorable.

And you know what they say, a cotton ball a day…does nothing. There is nothing special about cotton balls, except that I use one every single evening before bed to remove my eye makeup. Now, instead of in an ugly plastic bag under my sink, they’re in a cute jar at an arms reach. Cute + Lazy for the win.

Capri Blue Candle Upcycle

2. Put something living in it. (It’s different, I swear.)

Capri Blue Candle Upcycle

Wherever you feel like the height of a bouquet might be a little much, these jars are the perfect vases for just tucking a little pop of pretty anywhere. The glass is really well made, so I haven’t experienced any type of leaks.

And I’m enjoying my darling flowers to bits. What about flowers just brightens the soul and a space?

Capri Blue Candle Upcycle

3. Pretend it never burned out. (Stay with me.)

Capri Blue Candle Upcycle

Unless you’re a loves-the-warm-glow-of-candlelight sort of person like I am, you might find this silly. It totally still counts as an upcycle. I visually love the clean lines and warm simplicity of these candles while they burn, so it makes sense to keep the jar and simply find a smaller candle to create the same effect. I know I don’t get to smell Volcano, but I still get to enjoy my jar.

Capri Blue Candle Upcycle

These tiny candles came from Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sale (read: they were cheap) and are about two notches above a tea candle in burn time (plus, they’re actually scented, opposed to fragrance-free tea lights, so you’re getting a little somethin’-somethin’ more than just light.)

Capri Blue Candle Upcycle

Where to find Capri Blue candles?

For my Amarillo peeps: I found out recently that a darling boutique, The English Rose, has actually started carrying them!
For my Dallas peeps: I’ve seen them around this fantastic boutique in The Galleria, Altar’d State.
For my Everywhere peeps: The one and only, Anthropologie, of freaking course.

If you have one of these gems, enjoy it! Savor it! And then, happy crafting.

I would LOVE to see what you crafty people come up with, or if you try one of my upcylces -so let me know when you do! Comment below or with the talking bubble near the title with any ideas/questions/praises/if you feel like picking a passionate fight over candles.

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