Celebrating National Doughnut Day: Baked Doughnuts

National Donut Day - Baked Doughnuts

Today is National Doughnut Day. Why we’re all in the office is beyond me. Some sort of three day weekend seems appropriate here.

Everyone has an “I could be filled to the brim, but there’s always room for that food” food. The hands down winner out of the entire food universe for my belly: Doughnuts. Or Donuts. I don’t discriminate deep fried goodness.

Something I missed deeply in our short stint living in the Midwest: doughnut shops. Like real doughnut shops. Sort of everywhere. To my freshly Kentuckian dismay, I didn’t realize an abundance of specialty doughnut bakeries was Texan. (I will neither confirm or deny the correlation between this unpleasant discovery and our move back to Texas. Nope.)

I’m not talking Dunkin’ Donuts (which I actually had for the first time living in Louisville.) That’s like comparing mass produced Walmart cupcakes to the cupcakes of your favorite local cupcakery. Good? Sure. The same? No way, dude.

What started as a cute, little kitchen adventure this week for me to try my hand at crafting one of my favorite sweets became a full-on feast of breakfast pastries fit to rival a Thanksgiving dinner. (I will neither confirm or deny the level of hyperbole in that statement.)



As a novice doughnut maker, I chose the baking avenue opposed to frying -this time. My confidence levels are pretty high in the doughnut department now. We’ll see what happens.

Below are the links to the different types of donuts + glazes featured. I mixed and matched doughnut to glaze to my little heart’s content from different websites.

The first recipe I tried, here, are a very basic buttermilk cake doughnut with a simple super sweet vanilla-ish icing glaze, here, that I dyed pink with food coloring and topped with sprinkles. Because if it isn’t obvious I have a thing for sprinkles.


Trivia:  What do you get when you fill the doughnut pan cavities with a liiiittle too much batter?

Finger Cupcakes

Finger Cupcakes!! (as my witty husband so loving started calling them as my first attempt at obviously not doughnuts were pulled from the oven. I feel a multi-million dollar industry in its infancy.)

But, second time’s a charm.

Finger cupcakes

Honestly? The whole batch basically tasted like the cutest little doughnut-shaped cupcakes. Which was delicious. I’m definitely saving this one for the next baby shower or gender reveal brunch/breakfast I’m in charge of. Little baby pink and blue cake donuts? Yes.


The second doughnut I tried was a blueberry cake with a simple sweet glaze, both here. They looked fantastic, but didn’t taste very… blueberry. The spices of the recipe overpowered any blueberry flavor, in my very humble opinion, which might forever be a mystery to me. (The recipe also involves the word “curdle” which is up there with my least favorite words of the English language.)

The third doughnut was this simple recipe + this maple glaze. This might have been my favorite doughnut tasting cake doughnut, and the glaze was pretty delicious, too. They were definitely best with the maple glaze completely fresh, although extremely sticky. The glaze will soak in overnight, not become a set icing. Which is totally tasty heated up in its own way.


Judging that all of the Finger Cupcakes have miraculously disappeared from the kitchen, I would say the buttermilk pink minis were Austin’s favorite, too.


The most helpful hint I picked up in my “research” was to spoon the dough into a Ziplock, clip one corner, and pipe the dough into the doughnut pan cavities. Saved. My. Butt. And basically this entire project.

Donut making Tip

I learned this week there’s a whole wide world of doughnut recipes I’m about to become extremely obsessed with testing. If you have a recipe to shoot my way or plan on trying any of these, comment below or with the talking bubble near the title! (And hey, if anyone knows a killer blueberry recipe, I’m all ears.)

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