Jumpsuits, Pineapples, Pineapple Jumpsuits


Cotton jumpsuits were made for sunny days. They’re the “I’m basically wearing pajamas all day” easy vibe you get with dresses -only better by not having to worry about crossing your legs like a lady any particular which way.

The pinnacle of fashionable comfort. PineappleCrossed PineappleSplit

Jumpsuit | H&M (Sold out online, apparently. Still in-store, I swear.)
Sunnies | Tory Burch
Bag| Madewell
Jewelry | Kendra Scott
Polish | Do You Take Lei Away?
Hat | JCrew Factory

When I spot a cute jumpsuit or romper on the rack, there are usually moments of oh-my-gosh-cutest followed swiftly and realistically by that-will-never-fit-gosh-dang-my-lanky-head-on-stilts-body. 

Jumpsuit/Romper/Jumper fitting is no joke. There is no “kind of fits” without making the whole ensemble a little PG13. Tall girls, you feel me?


But dressing room miracles happen.


And so does wind.



My eyes are also pulling double duty as tiny pineapple magnets lately. I have memories as a kid sitting at the kitchen table playing for minutes with this wooden pineapple toothpick holder constantly. Basically a pineapple that sat on the counter, and you would stick toothpicks in it. And it held them until needed. Absolutely just as fascinating as whatever you’re picturing. Really. …

I guess I’ve always kind of had a thing for pineapples.

They’re the funkiest fruit, and it’s made me so stupid excited to see them creeping up into everything retail over the last several years. They’ve gone from being something quirky, ironic, and unexpected into what I’d call their peak in a full-blown trend Spring/Summer 2015. I’m totally on board.



Are you feeling it? Ready to rock pineapples,  jumpsuits, or pineapple jumpsuits? Do you sympathize with the long legged struggle? Comment below or with the little talking bubble near the title! PineappleJumpsuit-5-2

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