Spring Trend Crush: Florals + Stripes

Florals_Stripes-8 copy

I wouldn’t call my style adventurous.  I usually feel safest inside the confines of some well-mixed basics, textures, and an occasional color pop.

Then sometimes…

Sometimes -when the right piece speaks to me- it’s fun to break outside of my boring, basic-loving skin and shake things up. My trend crush this spring has hands down been florals + stripes. Anywhere. Everywhere. Any form. So many hours on Pinterest pining.

Then I found this skirt, and boy it spoke.


I debated myself for days on buying it. Then it finally landed on my doorstep, and I couldn’t believe it was ever even in question.


Full, floral, modest enough for the office yet fun enough for an afternoon around town, this is the skirt spring wardrobe dreams are made of.

Florals_Stripes-9 Florals_Stripes-6 Florals_Stripes-5 Florals_Stripes-2

The best part, it’s perfect for my favorite spring pattern pairing:  florals + stripes.

Skirt | Chicwish
Shirt | JCrew Factory
Necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie
Earrings | World Market
Flats | Two years old, back of my closet never worn. Thanks again, skirt.

What’s your take on this pattern pair? Do you love this trend as much as I do, or possibly hate it more? Comment below or with the little talking bubble near the title!

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