The Elephant + April’s Birchbox

Nothing against elephants, but let’s get this one out of the room.

Content has been a little thin (aka there has been no content) for the past month. Maybe you didn’t actually notice. Maybe you’re thinking, “Boy she’s full of it. This jokester really thinks out of the 2 billion people on the Internet I’d notice her missing?” If that’s you, valid! If you did care that I left you hanging, I apologize.

I took a little mental health hiatus from Daily Sprinkles, which I realized wasn’t my best idea. If you ever wonder why this blog exists, it’s because it makes me happy. Writing makes me happy. Taking photos makes me happy. An excuse for obsessive product testing, baking, and crafting makes me happy. More importantly, the conversations these posts spark and the times I’ve heard they’ve helped someone in some way make me genuinely happy.

Next time life’s crazy gets the best of me, maybe I’ll just quit my day job instead. (Kidding -nervous laugh- yeah, just kidding…)

I did take some time to do a little maintenance around here during the hiatus, so hopefully now it’s a little prettier on the eyes and easier to navigate my junk. This lovely page also got a little spruce.

Just know that my head is bubbling over with ideas and I’ve got some content up my sleeve.

Phew. Goodbye, Elephant.


Now, that entire explanation could have just as easily been a farce to cover up the fact I’ve been distractedly fan-girling over this more perfect than perfect Birchbox + Rifle Paper Co. collaboration this entire past month. (I’ll never tell.)


I don’t know how or when exactly it happened, but the secret’s out and Rifle Paper Co products have been popping up stinking everywhere –which is why I shouldn’t have been surprised to rip open my mail and discover this collaboration made in subscription box heaven. It’s just so pretty.


The bush outside our apartment that’s had a vendetta against me since we moved in last fall also started producing these really pretty flowers. So I forgive you for purposely overgrowing into my walkway sometimes, bush.




Box Sample Winner
Cargo Swimmables Water Resistant Blush in Los Cabos


If Birchbox chose one sample for me a month based on the item that got thrown in and tossed out of my virtual shopping basket most in the last 3 months, this blush would have topped the list. I’ve been wanting it so darn bad, but for some reason hadn’t followed through. There was always something I needed more urgently than blush that took its place.

Imagine my childlike happiness when I opened this box and found it, just try and imagine. 

Cargo was winning right out of the gate with this one. Not only had I been wanting to try it, but this is one of the better non-full-size samples I’ve maybe ever gotten. It’s a really good size  -literally just a miniature version of its full-size mama in a cute, tiny tin. I was already impressed with the sample size, then I tried it out -this sample is going to last me a good while. Super pigmented, so I don’t have to swirl and cake it on for a perfectly rosy result. Having a deeper olive complexion, blush and I have that struggle sometimes.


The pigmentation and shade of Los Cabos is going to be terrifically pretty for the warmer spring/summer months and actually show up on my face.

Also, um, swimmable? Can we talk about that? Why is that not a bigger beauty thing? Maybe it is and I’m late to the game, but waterproof blush is the best news since -well- waterproof mascara. It just makes so much sense in the summer months. If you weren’t lucky enough to sample this piece in your own box, I’d snag it up online anyway. Adding this to my mental list of “will be replacing when it’s out.”

Product Sample Runner-Up
LAQA & Co sheer lip lube pencil


Bonus, it was full size. This is definitely a lip sheer, not a lip stick, which made me much less uneasy about the bold pink. If it wore any heavier, I would feel like I was walking around with Barbie lips (which I might be in the mood for, like, once a year.)

Goes on incredibly smooth, lasts a couple of hours, and has a nice minty smell. Not a game-changer, but not a bad little lippie to keep in the collection. It isn’t a color I would have naturally chosen for myself, so for that little stretch I was pleased.

Were you as pleased with your box as I was mine? Comment below or with the little talking bubble near the title!


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