Real Life in 52 Weeks Week 4: What’s in my bag

ReallifeWeek4-11 copy

I did exactly what she said I might do with ABM’s “What’s in your bag?” eCourse challenge this week –little bit of an eye roll. That is, until I read their justifications for including the prompt in the course. It would be pretty neat if my grandmother had photos of what she carried around in her purse 50 years ago, or my mom even just 20 years ago.

Heck, you may even be interested in my crap now.

ABM, you win. This is a pretty cool challenge, especially for the future. You think we’ll make fun of my larger-than-life sunglasses someday? Nah.



My favorite bags are mammoth, or so I’m told. I mean I know they’re pretty large, but they don’t feel large to me. I like being able to reach for anything I might need for any potential situation ever at a moment’s notice at all times. Is that really too much to ask? I think not.

Unfortunately, the 2 bags on my arm at almost all times these days (my LV Speedy or my Madewell Transport Tote -not at the same time obviously) each only have one interior pocket. I love their simple, sleek designs, but this girl’s got a lot going on for just one teeny little pocket.

To keep my bags from becoming bottomless, dirty black holes, I utilize the heck out of small pouches and zip bags. I can’t stand the clutter without them, and the break in my heart is far smaller if a lipstick or pen pops open and scars the inside of a tiny makeup bag opposed to ruining the lining of one of my handbags. Not. Happening.ReallifeWeek4-5


Can you tell I’m a little bit of a writer at heart? These are my idea books, note journals, and my hunking huge planner. Even out of school with an easier life-schedule to plan, I’ve kept a planner since I was 12, and I always will.  I just can’t quit you, Planners. And I really do use my idea books and journals every single day. They aren’t there for the if but the when. As much crap as I carry on my shoulder, there is even more bouncing around the ole noggin. I feel like my brain gets too cluttered to function unless I get the junk out sometimes, so I keep notebooks on hand to scribble or doodle as I need to. (Aren’t you glad I let you into my crazy a little bit today?)



Always tons of receipts, not a lot of cash, and my trusty Kroger Points card at the top because I’m old and boring enough to get excited about Kroger points. ReallifeWeek4-9

And a small collection of beauty basics. You know, in case of emergencies.




Note:  If you’re participating in the A Beautiful Mess eCourse yourself or choose to someday, you caught me. This is not week 4’s actual prompt, I’ve shuffled the order of a few prompts. I have creative rights, right? There is a better outline of my explanation and reasoning in my notebook of crazy that you will never see –just trust me.

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