Real Life in 52 Weeks: Week 3

52WeeksWeek3-3 copy February in Dallas, TX is likely not what ABM had in mind when they wrote the Nature Challenge for their Real Life in 52 Weeks eCourse… especially not last week.

A couple of days I walked into the office through small flurries of beautiful snowflakes, only to be greeted at lunchtime by a blazing sun and puddles of brownish sludge. Texas Weather. (Poor little Texas girl with her sun and light jacket and perpetually shoved sidewalk, I know. I’d trade you in a heartbeat, though, Northeast. Winter and snow are my absolute favorite and now that I live in Dallas I’m being totally gypped.)

The thing about this region is no one can handle winter. A little bit (or a lot a bit) of ice and the city shuts down. The one day it would have been gorgeous for photos, the roads were short of a death trap (according to the weatherman and Twitter.) The next day: dirty sludge, sleet, and ice.

So this is what mother nature gave me to work with this week:  wet, cold, dead, but nevertheless beautiful in its own right when you squint.

52WeeksWeek3-8 52WeeksWeek3-4 52WeeksWeek3-5 52WeeksWeek3-7 52WeeksWeek3After being iced-in the apartment for a couple of days, it was still so nice to play at the park for an hour with Austin despite the dreary weather!

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