Inside my Birchbox: February

February Birchbox 2015

“Hang on, that box is cool, I wanna see.”
“Like, really?”
“Shut up.”

Congratulations, BBox. When the Birchbox box is so cool it even hooks my husband, you know you’ve done good. 


February was more than just a freaking cool box (it’s the little things in the Karber house), I scored some killer loot.


amika Nourishing Mask (Have you tried anything from amika? I’ve been loving this brand lately. Everything I have smells so darn happy.) | Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet | Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal perfume | Evologie Intensive Blemish Serum | Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner (full size !!)

Most exciting samples:


Throw me a full size just-about-anything in the box and I’m giddy. I can be wary of makeup samples just because makeup is so subjective and personal based on skin tone, skin type, etc. A really great black eyeliner will work for just about anyone though I think, so I was stoked. 


Felt-tip liquid eyeliners are my absolute favorite for the control and precision. It’s much easer for me to build a line with these rather than trying to salvage a catastrophic too-thick line I usually end up with using other types of tips. It was a perfect liquid eyeliner for me, and I will likely purchase when I run low.


The second thing you can do to make me happy is throw me a Juicy Couture just-about-anything. I have a mad crush on all scents Juicy. They nail fragrance for me just about every time. My long-time Juicy Crush has been Viva la Juicy (perfume and lotion) which I remember distinctly receiving a sample of just like this from Ulta. I bought a full bottle the next week.

I’m a sucker for the little glass tubey perfume sample things. They’re so cute, and give such a better idea of how the perfumes truly smell and wear rather than the annoying cardboard magazine inserts. Sometimes I hate those.

(If you can’t take an overtly passionate stand on how you receive perfume samples, what can you take a stand on anymore, I ask?!)


All in all, my box totally paid for itself this month. Were you happy with the samples in yours? I love hearing what other people’s boxes contained and how they felt, comment below or with the little talking bubble near the title!

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