Real Life in 52 Weeks: Week 2

52WeeksWeek2-10 copy

Challenge:  Guilty Pleasures.

Read:  Confessions.

Confession:  I can be pretty basic.

First, nothing says reconnecting with guilty pleasures of my middle school iPod quite like a spontaneous emo rock concert. I never grew out of love with the age of emo-rock including Taking Back Sunday. Finding and scoring tickets the day of the show made me love living in Dallas even more.


An authentically wrinkled and sweated on concert poster straight from being clutched in the middle of a mosh pit.

It was pretty tight quarters. We may have thrown some elbows. We definitely sweated a lot.




All worth it to get as close to Adam Lazzara’s hair as possible.

But as much as I love losing my voice at a rock concert, the CD on repeat in my car right now is 1989. Yes, I am a closet Swiftie. Lucky for me it’s finally cool to admit I am a Taylor Swift fan. I love TSwift’s hair. I love TSwift’s darn catchy songs.  I love that TSwift has finally taken a few voice lessons and can finally sound terrific live -it would have made loving Teardrops on my Guitar a heck of a lot easier if she had just been this cool a long time ago.


My #1 guilty pleasure = sweets. I think I’m genetically engineered to never pass on a cupcake. Ohhh, Sprinkles Cupcakes.


Or a glass of wine.


And right now, I have been eating up every single drop of The Bachelor can find. The most basic of basic guilty pleasures. Episodes, interviews, the Chris Soule’s blog on People, any and all of it. I’ve made fun of Bachelor fans for years, and am eating my own words.


My oldest friend Kaitlin and her husband Greg are moving to Italy today with the military, and we were so lucky to share in a full weekend of pedicures, shopping, drinks, and music  with them before they left -the ultimate guilty pleasure weekend. Cheers, best wishes, and so many prayers to Greg and Kait on the start of their adventure.

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