Real Life in 52 Weeks: Week 1

ABMRealLifeWeek1-12 copy

When I was little, I would play for hours with disposable cameras. For the longest time I had a box of random photographs of probably every inanimate object in our house. Dolls, spoons, legos, I would place everything in a perfectly straight line and shoot (my slight OCD reared its head at a very early age.) I wish I had kept those photographs to laugh at, but I did keep some of my photographs of people from that time. I shot some of my very favorite photos of my baby brother as a silly seven-year-old while he sat in his high chair on the front porch and I played with chalk at his feet.

I’ve always loved photographs.

Growing out of behaviors from your seven-year-old self is usually a pretty good thing. I’d like to think I’m a little more wise and well behaved now than I was when I was seven, but constant photo-taking is something I’ve wished more than once I hadn’t grown out of (and I haven’t completely, but I wish I did so much more.) When I saw A Beautiful Mess was offering a Capture Real Life in 52 Weeks eCourse, I jumped for it.

The goal is to “document real life this year through photography and mini album challenges.” I’m not going to share all of the prompts, tips, quips, and quirks that make purchasing the ABM eCourse worth it (how unfair to them, right? Besides, I wouldn’t want to ruin the full experience for you.) However, I will be sharing some of my favorite photos, moments, or simple realities from the respective weeks along with the mini-album challenges as I decide to do them.

Week 1 was all about early mornings and late nights.

Morning is my favorite part of the day by a long shot. I love the smells, the light, the stillness, and how much more awake I feel than the rest of the day. Getting out the door during the workweek isn’t always roses, but weekend mornings are the best. Saturday morning for me usually looks like laundry and housework, and I say that with the absolute least amount of distain. I treasure this part of my week as only someone with an affinity for laundry soap and vacuuming could -I genuinely enjoy cleaning and the peace having my home in order leaves me.


Workweek mornings are usually instant oatmeal at the office or a quick scrambled egg. I reserve really cooking breakfast food for the weekends. (If I was only served breakfast food for every meal for the next ten years, you wouldn’t hear one complaint.)

ABMRealLifeWeek1-2 ABMRealLifeWeek1-3


I’m not quite sure what happened here. I hit the button, flew the couch, and when Austin asked, “Okay, what are we doing?”, we just started making faces at each other. Apparently a continuous self timer for ten seconds does revert me back to seven-year-old behaviors.


The mug below we refer to as the “Friends” mug for no other reason than it reminds us of the television show Friends. ABMRealLifeWeek1-10 ABMRealLifeWeek1-11Blueberry muffins, a pot of coffee, laundry in the dryer, and catching up on television shows with my man made for one of the happiest mornings, indeed.

(Which is exactly why I decided to participate in this photo challenge! Without the ABM eCourse, these aren’t things I would have naturally decided are worth documenting, but I’m so happy now that I have these real details to look back on later. I’m excited for the next 51 weeks.)

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