January Favorites

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When the sparkly ball drops, I can’t resist jumping on the resolution game (goals if you will  -isn’t the trend is to be too cool for the word resolutions these days?) There’s something refreshing about the first page of a new planner for this OCD list-maker that cries out for reflection, self improvement, and lots of lists.

A few of my favorite things this past month reflect a few items on my resolution list, while others are purely “fun.”


I’ve been swooning hard for months over these adorable recipe boxes and cards, (It was matter of days before this one found a home in my kitchen with a little holiday fun money padding my wallet.) They were the perfect inspiration to start a collection of handwritten recipes for foods I find myself making most frequently. Cooking with an iPhone or iPad is just the worst to mebut I do it all the time because of all the tasty recipes online. My goal was to start a new recipe box for basically all reasons sentimental and practical you can imagine (to someday pass down, to easily “pencil in” tweaks to the terrific recipes I copy, to not touch my valuable screens with messy dough hands or have aforementioned screens resting near splattering grease, etc.)


This Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner in Black will be at the top of my makeup bag for a long, long time. I’d seen hype across the blogosphere about it, and am kicking myself in the pants for every moment I spent wiping melted black pencil from my eyes. It glides on like a dream and stays put. What else can a girl ask for from her eyeliner pencil? I’ve been using it in my top waterline and balancing the dark black with a charcoal pencil along my bottom lashes for the everyday “I have on makeup and feel nice but I’m not going to the ball” kind of face I’m partial to these days. It’s a nice alternative to have on hand for days I feel a heavier liquid liner is too much. (Pencil sharpener, here.)

Problem: I’m concerned because it was discontinued for awhile -hence me not trying it until now- and when I went to order a backup pencil on Birchbox (I love it that much) the black is already out of stock. These puppies are hot commodities, I tell you. I’ll probably order 2 when they come back. You can order it as a duo set and get a sky blue pencil along with it, but I’m not hip enough to need a sky blue pencil, so I’ll wait.


If you saw me the second half of January, I was probably wearing these earrings. The Milo Chandelier Earrings in Abalone Shell are the first pair of Kendra’s I’ve actually purchased for myself, and they make me really happy because they have that Kendra sparkle and quality, but I don’t have anything like the chandelier style. Any of the Kendra’s with the Abalone Shell miiight be my favorite.


To be a little nicer to my hair and encourage softer tresses, I’m trying to break my heat-styling addiction and give dry shampoo a fighting chance (I’m not a fan of drugstore dry shampoos in the least. It could just be my finer hair texture, but the ones I’ve tried make my head one dirty hot mess.) I picked this one by Batiste in the checkout line at an Urban Outfitters on a whim with a word of encouragement from my sister-in-law, and it was my point of purchase winner of the month. There are a variety of scents, but I’m really happy I went with “Sassy and Daring.” (The packaging was leopard. That was literally how I chose this scent over the others.)


There is something about my skin that loves The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil. You may have caught a review of my favorite mask here, so last month I bought just the straight up tree tea oil in the tiny bottle for a spot treatment. I’ve never found one that works as well for my skin as this little guy. It isn’t one of those miracle-overnight-wonders you hear about from lucky girls who wake up with daisies in their hair completely zit free, but it’s as close as I’ve ever gotten for my pretty blemish-prone skin. If you’ve tried the masks and they work for you, you might have a shot with this, too.

Now that we’ve had about a month to figure them out, how are your resolutions or “goals” going? Would any of these make your “list”?

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