How to take a real bath (AKA a LUSH bath)

LushBath-5 copyThere’s something about the most wonderful time of the year that must make masseuses and Advil companies a whole lot of money. If you’re still working out your present wrapping muscles and holiday knots, good news:  tomorrow is National Bubble Bath Day. (It’s a real thing -the Internet told me- so get ready.)

I know half of you just groaned, “Gross, why would I sit in a hot tub of my own filth for thirty minutes?” First of all, if your bath water is really THAT gross after you get out, consider kicking your daily personal hygiene up a notch. Second, I simply don’t think you’re doing bathtime right.

1. Start with the water. Everything is more fun when you make it pretty. These bath bombs and bath melts from LUSH are absolutely heavenly and absolutely keySeriously, LUSH baths are the things dreams are made of.


And come on, aren’t these little friends I have left from the holiday collection stinkin’ adorable?LushBath

LushBath-3I love him.

How is this the first time LUSH bath products have made it here? Let me tell you…

They make your water all kinds of gorgeous with colors or sparkles or bubbles or whatever. Break a little bit off a couple different bombs and melts to make it whatever beautiful thing you want. There are bombs with avocado for soft skin, or chamomile scents to make you sleepy, or just a million different things. I could rant for days. If you haven’t shopped LUSH bath stuff before, there’s a whole new world of delicious bath-time goodness awaiting you. (Just imagine soaking in the warm water with pretty colors and swirling aromas and you’re starting to warm up to this bath idea, aren’t you?)

If you aren’t near a LUSH and can’t wait for an order, my second favorite bath-time-products are literally any of the 3-in-1 Shampoo, Shower Gel, Bubble Baths from Philosophy. All of the scents are delicious, and they make good bubbles -even if they aren’t as pretty or intoxicating as the LUSH products. Some of my favorites have included Pink Frosted Animal Cracker and Raspberry Sorbet (both which couldn’t smell more on point with what I hoped they would.) I’ve found some around TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Nordstrom Rack super discounted recently -keep an eye out.

2. Next, pick your relaxing beverage of choice. Are you a wine girl? Champagne? Iced Tea? Pour yourself a nice sized glass of something smooth or bubbly to sip while you soak. Just sit, and soak, and sip. Mmm.

3. If sitting alone with your thoughts causes you more stress than not, setup the entertainment. I’ve never been a reads-in-the-tub kind of girl (mostly because I like the pages of my books not soaked and dried wrinkly.) Sometimes I’ll put on a relaxing playlist, but my favorite bathtime entertainment is catching up on a little TV. Tricky, being that there isn’t a television in our bathroom -setup is key. I have the perfect little stool to prop up my iPad, set to whatever Netflix binge I’m on at the moment. It’s wondeful.

Do you have a favorite LUSH bath bomb, different product line I should try, or bathtime ritual? Tell me about it! Comment below or by using the talking bubble near the title. Have a happy Bubble Bath Day!

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