A retrospective: lessons from an old friend.

I was quite the junior-workaholic-in-training through college (but come on, honestly, that behavior dates back to somewhere around first grade.) Consequently, I spent more time with my coworkers than anybody else in my three and a half years at WTAMU. It was a cooky, three-person marketing department with a dynamic somewhere between The Office and…something else I can’t even put my finger on. It was unique.

I was the baby (once asking my boss and sort-of-other-boss what it was like going to high school in the 80’s -before realizing in .000003 seconds they both graduated in like 2000. It didn’t go over well. I think it’s still a sore subject.)


That guy in the middle is my old coworker and sort-of-other-boss Matt Morgan. You may easily recognize him as the personality from the Made for YouTube Financially Fit Friday specials of 2012 (here’s a link, kill some time on a Monday), or as the man who would formerly come into your classroom and teach your kiddos about money on the regular, or maybe as the guy who drove the lime green ECU-mobiles through every community parade for something like 5 years -snapping selfies along the way.

photo (3)(Okay, it was my selfie. Some parade, some freezing Saturday in downtown Amarillo when I was supposed to be taking photos of the parade to send my boss.)

It was working alongside Old Man Morgan through years of freezing parades and sorting thousands of newsletters every quarter that I inevitably picked up a few life lessons from him.

Here’s a nice, round top ten:

  1. Cardigans don’t have a season -they are always in season.
  2. Work smarter, not harder.
  3. It is OK to embrace guilty pleasure music (especially all that was Justin Timberlake of the 90’s), and still have good taste in music.
  4. It’s also OK to slow down and breathe sometimes. Not being OCD for 5 seconds at the office won’t kill me.
  5. You can be a highly successful, happy adult and still be “figuring it all out.” In fact, most adults are.
  6. Writing can be just a hobby, and you can still be really good at it. (He’s really good at it.)
  7. If I talk about my high school debating days in public, I will get made fun of.
  8. If I eat handfuls of chocolate from the candy bowl on days I forget to pack my lunch, I will get made fun of. (Taunts of “Augustus, noooo!” ringing in my ears forever –Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will never be the same.)
  9. Mentioning Harry Potter in everyday conversation will likely also get me made fun of.
  10. Bet-making doesn’t always involve money, and some of the most fun sports bets don’t. For instance, this bet was pretty fun. Until the Cowboys won more playoff games this season than the Steelers and I lost the bet -then it became less fun.
  11. Bonus life-lesson:  I should strategically weigh the probability of the success of my bets with more facts and less heart. Congratulations, Matt Morgan.

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