Today: the beginning of year two.

I had no idea how to talk about the subject of our anniversary. First of all, are we old enough to be celebrating a wedding anniversary? I was never big on the whole “dating anniversary” concept. At all. (If that’s your thing, neat, it wasn’t mine. I’m not judging you. Plus, if you’re familiar with our dating history, you’ll know figuring out which date to celebrate might have gotten a little messy. Ha! We’re married now, so it’s funny, you can laugh.)

I held fast and true to the idea that anniversaries were for married people, and I would “celebrate” one when I got there. Except now I am “a married people”, and I am here, and the idea still seems so old and kind of weird. I feel like we should still be just chillin’ on the park swings.

225291_1032415291184_6575_n(Ohh, my peace-sign-all-the-things phase.)

Or these kids deciding where to eat after Homecoming. photo

(Someone teach that girl how to use makeup, please.)

Or these concert going babies. 53467_1605143769038_8324636_o22366_1331010955889_7365279_n It was hard to believe either of us made it through these days. photo (2) Especially this special one. 561979_3967601407422_2015911680_n And all of a sudden this day came in went in a blur. 10403206_10152894305397575_8622997044267040386_n Now here we are, 365 days later, and I’m still wondering where the time went. I’ve lived a lot of life with this guy, especially this past year. You may think you know everything there is to know about a person, marry them, and still be surprised daily. It’s wonderful. I knew I’d love my husband (even when I hated him, Grey’s reference anybody?), but I think I severely underestimated how much I’d love being a wife, too. 10300034_10201053509258867_1459547116954933975_n I still don’t know that I feel old enough for an anniversary today, but I do know I feel like celebrating our life together, and an anniversary is a pretty great excuse for that. (Plus I’m pretty excited to free up that chunk of space in our freezer that’s been housing a sure-to-be-freezer-burned once-was-freaking-incredible top of a cake.)

Cheers, friends, to the new year, and happy anniversary to my favorite man (even if you do have the icy feet of a dead corpse at night and put Cheetos on your sloppy joe like a weirdo. I tell you, the first year of marriage is full of surprises. I loved it.)

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