Perfect Winter Lip Scrub by LUSH


I am super conscious about keeping my lips healthy (if you caught this post, you understand my history of lip woes.) I stumbled upon this amazing little delicious miracle worker at the end of a quick LUSH haul several weeks ago (those little point-of-purchase products at the register get me every darn time.)

After a little in-store sampling, they made a quick believer out of me.


LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub,$9.95

To use:

After taking the tiniest little bit on your finger, simply scrub scrub scrub all the dead, rough skin from your lips, then lick off the excess –um, yum.

Why use:

This stuff is a great exfoliator for creating a perfectly smooth lipstick base. On the other hand, if it’s a simple chap-stick-and-go kind of day, it brings out the natural coloring of your lips under your lip balm. (I wouldn’t use it alone, though. Always follow up with a little of your favorite lip balm to avoid drying effects later, FYI.)

It’s made with 100% natural (delicious) ingredients (like so many wonderful LUSH products are), which steals my heart all the more.

Win-wins all over the place, I tell you.


I remember there being other flavors, too,  like Bubble Gum (if that’s your thing, personally I don’t do well with Bubble Gum flavored anything that isn’t actually Bubble Gum) but right now I can’t remember the others. Mint was just my favorite.

I realized this is the first time I’ve introduced a LUSH product to Daily Sprinkles, so let me give you the short story if you don’t already know:

This company rocks.

Zero animal testing, handmade products (with little labels that actually tell you whose hands made your product specifically –so unbelievably cool and personal), fresh & safe & natural ingredients, and on & on & on. Seriously, go here for the full company picture.

For a million reasons I support LUSH, but the main reason I’ve been an obsessed and loyal LUSH fan for years:  the products are incredible and also the best smelling things I’ve ever smelt. If I could just capture the aroma of the whole store, I would turn it into a candle, room spray, deodorant, perfume, and shampoo and use them all all the time.

Long story short: go visit LUSH, grab a little lip scrub, and keep your pout holiday-red-lip-ready all winter.

Do you have a favorite lip scrub or routine for keeping your lips healthy in the winter months? If you haven’t caught on, I love trying new beauty tricks and products. Comment below or with the little talking-bubble near the title!

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