Summer’s Anthropologie Dupes


Anthropologie Dupes

There’s just something whimsy and inspirational about Anthropologie that makes me want to poke around the weathered,wooden display cabinets of dishes for hours, stroll in on my bad days to ogle & droll over clothes I could never afford, and curl up on the plush, velvet sofas for Sunday afternoon naps. (I’ve never done that last one, calm down. But I can’t say I’m not tempted almost every darn time.)

In all seriousness, if Disney hadn’t gotten to it first, I’m confident Anthropologie would have been dubbed “the happiest place on earth” ages ago.

The brand’s only downfall:  I don’t have a million dollar shopping budget. Or a million dollar anything budget.

Because of this, it is absolutely *thrilling* to find Anthro Look-A-Likes and Smell-A-Likes outside of their vintagesque, gorgeously adorned walls.

These are the best, heart-fluttering Anthropologie Dupes I stumbled upon this summer:

Anthropologie Piece: Capri Blue Volcano Candle (my favorite smell of. all. time.) $28.00
Dupe: Target Island Moonlight Tin Candle $10.00 (online they only come in sets, but in-store they can be bought individually.)

Anthropologie Volcano Candle DupeWhile nothing (nothing) will beat the quality of a Capri Blue candle, these little guys come about as close as it gets for a delicious replica of the smell. Their most annoying quality: the wax doesn’t burn down evenly, so when the wick has burned its last breath, you are left with some wasted, fragrant wax.

Anthropologie Piece: Maeve brand corduroy skirt $49.95
Dupe:  Fresh Produce brand skirt $9.00, consignment store

Anthropologie Skirt DupeConfession -when I bought this skirt, I didn’t even realize it would be an Anthro dupe. Shortly after on a Pinterest binge, I was like wait a minute, is that my $9 thrift skirt? And it wasn’t. But it was pretty darn close. When I’m out at an upscale consignment shop or thrift store, I always do keep in the back of my mind to look for pieces with distinguishable details -like oversized pockets or a thick, ruffled waistband like the skirt above. It’s an easy way to add Anthro-inspired pieces to your wardrobe this way without paying the big ticket (and a time or two, I’ve found discarded Anthro pieces, so keep an eye out.)

Anthropologie Piece:  Monogram Mug $8.00
Dupe: Ross Dress for Less Mug $3.99

Anthropologie Mug DupeAfter getting married, I’ve fallen in love with all of Anthropologie’s monogram home decor. (I’m all about the K’s these days. You know, in case anyone forgets my last name starts with K now.) I’ve eyed the mugs on the right a handful of times, so I lost my mind a little bit in excitement when I spotted the mug on the left at a Ross Dress for Less of all places on earth. For this piece, quality is spot on identical to Anthropologie. Not only for the K, but for the sturdiness & shape this has quickly become one of my favorite go-to’s for my daily coffee. I think I actually even like mine better. I can’t link to it directly on here because they don’t sell online, but I’ve seen this piece floating around the last few weeks of summer, and wouldn’t be surprised if you were able to pick it up marked down right now if they still have one.


What are the best Anthropologie dupes you’ve found? Any I should be looking up? Comment below or with the little thought bubble near the title!

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