Hello, changes.

“So where do you, like, see yourself?”
“I don’t know, anywhere but Amarillo. I’m getting outta here, for sure. I can’t take it anymore.”
“Oh yeah, well of course.”
“Yeah, this place is just the worst.”

Amarillo-Native teenage rhetoric: convincing themselves they’ve lived the least adventurous 16 years of unrecorded history.

Maybe on our second or third “hangout” getting to know each other, we swung, dragging our toes in the sand beneath the park swing set. I slurped an Ocean Water with Pineapple from Sonic he swore was just the best. It wasn’t. I pretended it was. I regretted my Route 44 decision.

“I mean, Dallas is really cool. I would love to be there.”
“Really? Me too, I think.”

Our story took off.

Six Summers, two college degrees, and one wedding later, our second cross-country adventure is beginning:  home to Texas. Home to start our home where we’d always hoped to end up eventually -never really thinking that summer it would ever be together. (Especially given our sort of “unconventional” dating history.)

Where our lives are right now, we weren’t anticipating getting there so quickly.
This decision was made prayerfully and with absolute certainty this is where God is steering us. The culmination of events leading up to it can only be described as divine planning -and we feel unbelievably blessed with answered prayers. The timing isn’t convenient -in fact it’s pretty inconvenient. Despite this, it’s absolutely perfect. 

Our conversations of moving again always felt distant, like the future was too far away to take seriously (I’m learning the older we get, the closer the future feels.) Toward the end of last semester we threw around the idea Austin might not finish his degree at SBTS -we liked the idea of him graduating from a seminary closer to our families. We had one on our radar with incredibly solid teaching.

Then opportunities presented themselves much more quickly than we had anticipated.

We are excited. Like, really excited.
Louisville has been so much fun. It was a big scary step made in the first weeks of our marriage to move here, and I wouldn’t take it back for anything. I don’t regret starting out here. It made us strong -we had to lean on each other because we were so far away. We experienced killer road trips, ate amazing ice-cream, danced ourselves sore at some terrific concerts, and drank some darn good bourbon.

The wonderful people we met only ever knew us as married -there were no his friends or her friends. Everyone we met were our friends, and that was really cool.

As much fun as we’ve had growing here, I don’t think anything could replace in our hearts the importance of being near our families long term. For us, it isn’t as much about “returning to the promised land that is Texas” as it is being closer to the people we love (although after living somewhere else in the world, there are definitely particular elements I will return with a newfound appreciation for.)

We’ve realized what a blessing it is to have our parents live, like, six houses away from each other. (A magical blessing holiday season.) Not everyone gets that luxury, in fact a lot of people don’t. We’ve met couples with families on opposite ends of the country, so they settle down somewhere in the middle, or somewhere unbiased and particularly special to their relationship. I think that’s wonderful, really. Personally, we really want to raise our future family (and heck, live right now) less than a day’s drive away from both sides of most of our family because we can. When someone close to us gets married, has a baby, celebrates a birthday, plays a basketball game –we can get there (for less than a thousand dollar flight.) I think that’s really exciting.

Truth:  we couldn’t move unless I got a job.
So, I got a job.

A really good job.

(A lot of the unexpected divine planning came into play here.)

I understand it may seem banal or quirky and definitely odd to a lot of people (particularly advertising people) why I would want to leave agency life. It’s easy -I found an opportunity to dive back into an industry I’m passionate about.

The simple idea of increasing an individual’s standard of living by helping them belong to a member-owned, not-for-profit financial institution is a societal movement I can fully get behind. I love credit unions. I love communications, advertising, and wearing many hats (something I deeply missed while wearing one hat at the agency, even though it was the absolutely coolest agency.)

I’ve accepted the offer to become Director of Marketing for a credit union in Dallas. Austin and I are moving to the city we’ve talked about moving to since we were just babies dating -a city with a lot of meaning to both of us, close to family, and not to mention full of  the best shopping.

Louisville will always definitely be a special city to us, though, as the first little place we called home together.

1982263_10152714096032575_1804171945_n{ Photo by the lovely, amazing Alex Karber: https://alexandria-karber-11ad.squarespace.com/ }


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