Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Daily Sprinkles Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

A trend on the up & up for multiple years now, I’ll gladly put in my membership to the cult who swears by it:  coconut oil. (What can’t you do with it?)

The days I can’t afford to drop $35+ on salon-grade hair strengthening products (and heck, even the days I can), this is one of my all-time favorite, easy organic DIY hair treatments. The best part –one ingredient.

When I was more diligent about hair health and “trying to make it grow,” I did this probably around weekly. I absolutely love how my hair feels (and smells) when I’ve finished one of these masks -just notably softer, shinier, and healthier. (What I’m not promising is night & day new hair -but my hair always feels more style-able and healthy after a treatment.)

Daily Sprinkles Coconut Oil Hair TreatmentOrganic Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil
(Mine above is from Kroger, but links to a similar product I’ve used from Walmart. Yep, just from the grocery. Look specifically for unrefined, organic, virgin oil that hasn’t been processed.)

If you’re new to coconut oil, the product is actually solid at room temperature, but will melt to the touch. The amount you need (or course) depends on the thickness and length of your hair -the game is balancing enough product to coat your hair, but not so much it doesn’t wash out easily (I’ve made both mistakes. If you do, the world will keep spinning -my hair didn’t fall out or turn pink or anything funky.)

How I do it:

  • I try to start with my hair freshly shampooed and damp.
  • Using my fingers or a small spoon, I’ll scoop out roughly a teaspoon, rub it for a few seconds between my palms to soften/melt the oil, then apply it with my fingertips straight to my hair -beginning about mid shaft and working my way to the ends. I continue scooping out small amounts until all the little bits I want to be covered are covered -the product is easier for me to manage this way rather than in one huge glump.
  • I’ll usually massage a little at the scalp and around my bangs, but primarily concentrate on the middle and ends of my hair (the more dry, damaged pieces.)
  • Using a wide-tooth comb (or my fingers if I’m particularly lazy that day), I’ll rake the product through to ensure it distributed evenly.
  • With the product in my hair, I tie it all up on top of my head with a fabric hair tie, large jaw clip, or a few oversized bobby-pins.
  • The time I leave it in kind of depends on my mood or the dryness of my ends. Ultra dry:  I’ll throw on a super attractive shower cap or wrap my head in an old towel and over-night it. Moderately dry:  I used to just keep it in for a few hours while I wrote my homework for an evening,or now while I’m doing housework. I’ve even read people  storing in in their tub and just using it while they showered a few times a week –it isn’t a science. Tailor the process to your needs.
  • When I feel like I’m finished, I’ll do a good shampoo to wash it out followed by conditioner. (If you got a little zealous with oil, it might take two shampoos.)

Ta-da! Hello silky locks. It’s that simple.


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