Maintaining sandal-ready feet

It only took a few weeks out on my own with my new husband to realize something:  I was spoiled. Like, really spoiled. Like, didn’t own a pair of nail clippers because I’ve religiously gotten my nails done every two weeks for years spoiled.

The ladies who own the nail salon where I was a regular were guests at our wedding. I visited them more than some of my dearest friends.

It wasn’t shocking when I realized that a fresh solar manicure and brightly painted toes several times a month weren’t in our newlywed budget. What was shocking was realizing somewhere along the way I had tossed or lost nearly all of the tools necessary for basic hygienic foot maintenance. (I really used to be a giggling “Friday night pedi-and-movie at my parent’s house” preteen like the rest of them!)

I needed a new routine.

Just because I can’t afford frequent salon visits anymore doesn’t mean I can’t have pretty feet (and forget pretty –­I firmly believe your feet need to be taken care of. Not just washed and polished, taken care of.)

Now in the peak of summer, sandals, and running around barefoot, my feet are taking a bit of a beating, and I can’t be alone.

I don’t consider these ideas  particularly secret or genius, it’s really a matter of remembering to use these simple tools/tips regularly.

Avoid what my mom always called “Sahara-Desert Heels” and invest $3 in a pumice stone to keep in your shower (like this one). Then, actually use it on your heels and rough edges often -don’t let it just become a decoration. (And clean it regularly because if you don’t, well, gross. Actually, if you want some sort of a “best use of a pumice stone” post, reach out to me, please. We’ll make it happen.)

Then now and again, show a little extra TLC with a pretty-smelling foot scrub or powerful exfoliating scrub to especially exfoliate the tops, arches, and between your toes. (Dry skin happens there, too!)


In your post-shower moisturizing process, don’t forget your feet! So many people stop at the ankle. Erase the ashy-ness on your toes and lotion those babies up. (Reoccurring desert-cracks are also much more likely without this step, especially if you’re prone to running around barefoot like I am.)

If I’m ever lazy and begin to experience serious dryness, I’ll lather up my feet in regular Vaseline or coconut oil and slip a pair of socks over them before I go to sleep. (I might even repeat this process a few nights in a row if it gets too bad –it feels amazing.)

At minimum, keep your nails trimmed and shaped, even if you aren’t a polish kind of girl. Be wary of clipping too short –there are few things in life more painful than an ingrown toenail (I haven’t experienced birthing a child yet, but I’m willing to bet toenail pain is right on up there.) There are also few things in life as unprofessional paired with those fabulous Steve Madden’s as jagged, dirty nails.

So clip them, clean them, and flaunt your fabulous summer sandals. You can find awesome double sided pumice stone/nail brushes nearly anywhere, like this one, for really cheap to scrub on top of and clean beneath the tip of the nail.



*Important extra:  This will all be for not if you allow your polish to chip. Nothing makes feet look less taken care of than peeling polish. On or off is my nail polish philosophy –there is no in-between for classy ladies.

While I may mix it up with scrubs and salon visits once and awhile, I try to at least maintain these simple steps.

What is your routine? Should I add something to mine? Comment below?

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