Apartment living: cramped makeup space

Someday I will be soaking in a jet pool tub, surrounded by fragrant bubbles (wine in-hand), glance across the room at my sweeping, granite, well lit double vanity, and laugh fondly upon the memory of our first apartment’s little peach pedestal sink.

That day is not today. Or tomorrow, probably.

IMG_9407This is my getting-ready space (not exactly the bathroom of my dreams.) It is very peach and very small. Peach I eventually came to terms with, but not having counter space is inarguably the most challenging part of my morning (or before date night, or halfway through Saturday when I realize the humidity has melted my face off and I need to revisit square one before leaving the house.)

Having an easy grab-and-go makeup location is a luxury I never thought to value before, but wasn’t willing to give up just because my space was small. So, I’ve had to get a little creative.

IMG_9412This is the little makeup trunk I tuck under the sink. I’ve always preferred drawers or trunks to large makeup bags not only for aesthetics, but I find them easier to rummage through.

This weekend, it hit me that that was the wrong answer. I should prefer drawers or trunks to avoid having to rummage. (Duh. It’s stupidly simple.)

I paired an adorable desk organizer with a set of inexpensive makeup brush cups from our local TJ Maxx/Home Goods store, and voilà. Same cute, convenient trunk, rummaging eliminated for under $15.00 (and it could have been cheaper, but I’m a sucker for cute prints.)

IMG_9417(I would grace you with a before but, well, that’s just embarrassing.)

While all my makeup doesn’t quite fit, I don’t need all of it everyday. I like to keep only the products I’m most likely to want day-to-day at an arms reach, the rest stored elsewhere for special occasions (or when I think I’ve changed my mind about that one terrible lipstick when nope, I haven’t. Back to storage.)

Do you have a unique storage situation or any ideas for mine? Comment below!

One thought on “Apartment living: cramped makeup space

  1. Sandy mosier says:

    Very good idea! I miss the days when I would walk into my bathroom or kitchen and notice that my 3 year old had organized my drawers ( again) !! Yep, you’ve always been an organizer!

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