Tea Tree Oil

If I could get the beauty fairy to wave her wand over me just one time, I would wish myself new skin.I guzzle water, wash my face the appropriate twice a day, and with every one of you ever plagued by trouble skin, feel I’ve “tried everything on the market.” There are just so many factors that go into the health and appearance of skin -I rarely feel mine is ever where it should be. (You know, completely clear, soft, moisturized, bright and glowing but not oily, smooth and line free, and  just maybe a little more tan. One can dream.)

When I lived in West Texas, I would classify my skin as “dry” –likely because all of West Texas would be classified as dry. Since moving, I’ve noticed  my skin is more distinctly “combination” –partially dry, partially oily, partially okay. (Really, this just means it sort of does what it wants now and I get to play along day-to-day.) I had to adapt my routine with the major climate and lifestyle changes my skin did not enjoy going through (more on that story, this post).

In the process, I found this little miracle-worker face mask.

face mask

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask

For about a month and a half, I’ve harnessed my inner Witch of the West every 4-5 days with this mask, and I love it.

face mask

I won’t pretend the scent isn’t strong, because it is. Very earthy & minty -but  I don’t hate it, and smells are a big deal to me (warning, very mixed reviews across the Internet to this point.)

While applied it feels slightly tingly, which I like because in my mind it feels like the product working. The only way to adequately describe the post-mask sensation is that I imagine it’s what my face would feel like if I brushed it all over with minty toothpaste –very fresh and clean.

mask selfie

Just for you Daily Sprinkles readers so feel honored -because that’s a little embarrassing (but it’s only half a selfie, that’s not so bad, right?) I wanted to show you about how much I apply, that this is really about all the product you need for the magic to start working. There’s no need to cake on a super thick layer like some masks, part of what I like about it. You get a lot of masks out of just one jar.

Realize it doesn’t harden, so if you’re into masks that make your face feel like stiff, chiseled marble, then this may not be your thing. Do not leave it on longer than the recommended time thinking it’s supposed to get hard before removing –tea tree oil is potent. Don’t over do it.My best advice is to follow the directions, especially if you have sensitive skin. (Really sensitive, I may avoid this one altogether, or consider using sparingly.)

There was a length of time recently I just felt really over things. Lazy, hormonal, chocolate-indulgent days when I didn’t take the most tedious care in removing my makeup at night and definitely skipped the routine I’d started with this mask. (It happens, right ladies? Some days, you just care less than others.) Snapped out of it with a few unsightly breakouts, I’m even more convinced in the power of this thing –even one application later the evidence of my laziness started clearing up. (There you have it, the cheesy testimonial I’ve prepared for when I land a starring role in The Body Shop’s future infomercials. Jessica Simpson and Pro Active won’t have nothin’ on us.)

If you aren’t ready to totally commit to the full $16 jar, they do offer little single sample sizes for a fraction of the full size here. There’s actually a whole line of Tea Tree Oil products I’m interested in eventually giving a shot.

I also won’t pretend my face is on a magic -beauty-fairy-grade level of perfect now, but there have been notable improvements. Do you have some go-to face masks or skin care brands? I’d love to hear about them and possibly check them out myself, comment below!


(Important Note:  I rarely experiment skin-care products without extensive research and confidence in the brands I’m choosing. Playing with too many products or with really cheap brands can have a super adverse affect on your skin –exercise caution, and listen to your skin if it shows signs of distress or irritability. And as always, in case you were worried, The Body Shop doesn’t have a clue who I am. This was in no way a sponsored post, they just made a really good face mask.)

5 thoughts on “Tea Tree Oil

  1. AshleighLou says:

    Might have to give this one a go! I love The Body Shop. I’ve been using their Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion on my acne scars and have been quite impressed. I actually just wrote a blog post about it if you want to see what I thought- acnefreenewme.com x

    • robinkarber says:

      This was the first time I’d used anything from The Body Shop other than body butters, but I’m definitely going to check your blog out! That product sounds great!

  2. beautybyburdess says:

    I definitely recommend this whole line from The Body Shop. I use the little jar of just tea tree oil to spot treat in the morning and at night and it has seriously saved my skin. I had horrible acne all through high school and then most of college and finding how amazing tea tree oil was a life changer!

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