Denim obsession: baring your ankles

In grade school, I was the awkward, lanky girl who preferred reading at recess and cared more about my report card than who was at my lunch table. At least a head taller than nearly every girl (or boy) in the class, the hemline of my little britches always just grazed the top of my white socks (I was rarely lucky enough for them to reach all the way down to my sneakers.) In daily growing pains, I could hardly blame my mother for this major fashion blunder and subsequent taunting–it was impossible to keep me in long enough jeans. They didn’t come sized “skinny & gangly” –at least we couldn’t find them. And if we did (by an act of God) find them, they were too short, too, by the end of the month. Top that off with brand new buck teeth and a perm-gone-wrong, I was a real looker. (Though I can and do blame my mother for the perm – alive in the 80’s, who lets their kid do that? How could she have not seen this going badly for her 9-year-old?)

Even after growing out of the awkward years, I learned that finding the denim sweet-spot as a woman never gets easier:  the butt looks huge, or flat, or long, or the legs are too short, the rise is too low, or the dark rinse turns your hands blue by lunchtime.)

What buck-tooth Robin would’ve given for what’s trending now:  ankle length.

To be honest, I’m thrilled and a little obsessed with this trend in slacks and denim. Tall ladies, it’s a 3rd-grade dream come true. Every time I’m out I see different textures and patterns both slouchy and skinny cuffed or cut ankle-length –and I love it.

I recently discovered the “Marisa “ or “Modern” fit at Loft, which feels like a good young-adult balance for me between being high enough on the waist, but not so high that AARP is calling (something I have a hard time finding). I’m usually too tall for the regular length Loft carries in-store, but now with the spring ankle-cut and zipper detail, I grabbed two pairs.

ImageImage(I’ve only owned them for three weeks, but they’ve cycled through my laundry four times –my new casual Friday go-to.)

Disclaimer #1:  If you buy anything at Loft full price, you’ve lost your mind. Wait for the sales and deep clearance markdowns. If it isn’t on sale right now-wait for it. It’s coming. Or save your receipt, they do price-adjustments within 7-days of purchase. They also always offer a teacher-discount for educators.

Disclaimer #2:  This trend isn’t exclusive to tall girls.

Turns out, there are a lot of opinions concerning second disclaimer. In most cases, if your legs are shorter for your frame but you want to try the trend, I would advise sticking to skinny-cuts versus slouchy, and consider a pump or wedge to offset the leg-shortening affect this cut tends to have. But personally, I think they’re the perfect opportunity to showcase an adorable ankle-strap sandal or flat.

(Note:  Loft doesn’t know who I am. Actually, yes they do. I just finished my last shift as a sales associate Saturday, but corporate doesn’t care if they’re on my blog or not. In other words, this was not a sponsored post, these jeans just rock.)

Where are your favorite jeans from? Have you even found them yet? Let’s talk about it, comment below!

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