Have your cake, and still pay rent

Opinions on using coupons in the dating-scene are varied. I err on the side of “for goodness sake, just be a man and buy her a nice meal.” However, getting married changes the game. 
Several months ago, I wouldn’t have thought twice if I was hit with a fried rice craving -just order some, duh. But now finding ways for us to save money for pesky things like rent are part of that game. It’s kind of annoying. 
We genuinely love eating out and trying new restaurants though -I feel like it’s kind of one of our “things,” especially when we find an excuse for a celebration. (Today Austin finished the first semester of his graduate degree, which just screams date night, right?)
So the lifesaver for a couple of Foodies on a bologna budget: Groupon.
Our latest gem has been Hillbilly Tea -a spunky little cafe in Downtown Louisville that specializes in Appalachian Mountain-inspired cuisine and loose-leaf teas. We’re obsessed. From the atmosphere to the menu, nothing comes close.
Image If you’re new to the idea of Groupon and wondering what the heck I’m talking about, a quick example:
I bought a $20 Groupon for $40 worth of Hillbilly Tea food. I also had a bonus $10 off code, so ended up spending $10 for a $40 dinner. Of course our ticket wasn’t $40 on the nose, so we also paid the small difference. But really, it’s that easy, and made our date 75% free –which in my mind, is basically completely free. Using Groupon also opens the door to taste more of the menu (appetizers, desserts, beverages) since we’re “forced” to reach that $40 spending minimum. (If you’re still confused or want to learn more -or hey, you want to snag this deal yourself- click here.)
What better way to celebrate than by drinking boozy tea out of a giant mason jar? (And at SBTS, they’re under contract to not drink alcohol while enrolled in classes.) So cheers to summertime, and cheers to still having small celebrations while still being able to keep the water running.
*Disclaimer:  For the love of goodness, please don’t tip based on the amount you’re actually paying when using Groupon. Consider the person who has helped you through the experience, and tip according to what the ticket would have cost you without the deep discount. It’s just called being a reasonably good person.

2 thoughts on “Have your cake, and still pay rent

  1. Tammi Fritz says:

    I love Hillbilly Tea! I go there once a year when I’m in Louisville for the AP Test scoring. Last year a manager there gave me his card & told me to email him & he’d send me the recipe for their strawberry soup. I need to do that (now almost a year later). Glad to find your blog & to know you & Austin are doing well. Say “Hi” to him for me. Blessings! Tammi Fritz

    • robinkarber says:

      It’s such a gem! We love it, too. And I bet that soup is delicious, I just love their staff. Thank you so much for reading, I will definitely pass along the message! 🙂

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