Home Sweet …How did I get here?

Really, the time to start a blog would have been about 10 months ago. When I tell you why, though, you’ll understand why it never happened, (and why the stories from that time were probably gold).

The last half of 2013 I was finishing my bachelor’s degree with a 17-hour course load, working in marketing for a financial institution 30 hours a week, packing up my childhood room (and three closets of clothes) in preparation to move cross-country to a state I had never visited, job-hunting online in a state I had never visited, apartment hunting via Internet, too, in a state I had never visited. I was planning a large (and kept getting larger) mostly DIY wedding for New Year’s Eve, and had a surprise root canal the Monday before Thanksgiving. The cherry on top:  back surgery about a month and a half before Christmas (meaning through most of this fun, I was walking like a hunch-back 87-year-old.)

I developed an affinity for wine.

Alive on the other end, I could say that I’m stronger, it built character. I have actual battle scars. But I wouldn’t soon say any of that is really true -except the part about battle scars (lift with your knees, y’all). What we have now is actually the same Robin, maybe more well-rested with fewer caffeine jitters, and in quite a new season of life. In a matter of weeks, I suddenly became a wife, a college graduate, and a resident of Kentucky -leaving the only dot on the globe I’d called home for 22 years.

The past few months have been full of firsts, adjustments, experiments -surprises. I wouldn’t say at the point of normality we’ve finally reached with our lives that every day is super different (for which I’m extremely grateful), but everyday certainly has different sprinkles that make it special.

And that is what this blog is about.

Sprinkles of kitchen successes (and fails), thrifty style ideas, simple DIY projects, an assortment of homemaking tips from a new wife in a new city -the little, pretty things that exist in life for us to enjoy.

I definitely wouldn’t claim to have figured it all out -but I think that’s the point, too. Maybe we can learn something together.

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